Fluttr Effect

Fluttr Effect
Live Review

So, lets see. Guitar, check. Drums, check. Bass… Umm, I don’t see a bass. Is that some sort of electric stand-up bass over there? I don’t think it is, it does not look big enough. Well, moving on. Electric Marimba, check. Lead singer, check. Wait, what? Electric marimba check? What in the world? We have, drums, guitar, electric cello, singer and electric marimba. Who do these guys think they are, some sort of mish mash of Neoclassical-Baroque-Carnatic style? What does that even mean?

I am not really sure what I hear when they start playing, but I AM sure like it. I would try to describe their sound but I don’t have a commanding knowledge of any words in the English language. Instead I suggest you go hear them for yourself. You decide what they sound like.

I don’t really care how you describe Fluttr Effect. Just make sure you use the words “extremely” and “delightful” somewhere in that description. Oh, and use “Talented” that is a good word too. You might also want to toss in “catchy.” I mean; I don’t want to tell you how to write your own description of Fluttr Effect. Who am I anyway? But a few more… “Amazing vocals”, “well thought out arrangements” and “fun”

Do yourself a favor, go see them, listen to them, love them and Google Carnatic.

Rating: 7.8
To see for yourself go to http://www.fluttreffect.com

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