The Hot Box
The Histone Code EP


The band name... I assume it is a sexual innuendo. I hate that. I mean, unless you are planing on showing your boxes, lets not bring them up and lets not talk about them; you do that and I won't talk about my third nipple. Actually, I've changed my mind... show me your box and I'll show you my 3rd nipple. I have to warn you, it sort of looks like a piece of pepperoni stuck on a paper bag with duct tape... well actually, it looks like that because that is exactly what it is. Don't judge me.

The Histone Code; Hot Box's 5 song EP is currently spinning on my cd player. It is Amazingly-magical and mystically-memorizing and well, ok i lied; The EP is not spinning in my CD player, it is more of... "Whirling" on my i-pod.

I sometimes feel like the band is not playing the same song at the same time. It is like, they couldn't agree on what song to play. Like they are fighting a battle. Somehow it works though and sounds great. Almost like how jazz is freeformed. I wouldn't call it math rock, or elitist Berkley grad crap or Frank Zappa on grape soda. It keeps you interested. Un-pop. That is it, un-pop.

You hear Hot Box and you are expecting POP. Where is the pop? They never deliver the pop and that is what makes this interesting. You are waiting and listening, waiting for them to fall into a little Pop Box. They never do and that makes me smile.(Please note the use of the term "Pop Box"; it was not intended to be clever; unless, i guess, you think it is clever; then the intention was always present for the cleveriness)

The review is over. Excuse me while I go for a jog with my Hot Box filled I-Pod... Maybe you'll see me, Look for the girl running with a smile and blond hair; approach her and ask if she has a little Hot Box for you to check out. You must check them out.


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ha ha funny!