Brendan Boogie Band


The only reason I am reviewing these guys is because they are playing a show at the Abbey with the Steve Gutenband (the band i just reviewed like 2 minutes ago) on may 27th.

They have one song on their myspace profile and they have a disclaimer written about it.
A NOTE ON THE JUKEBOX SONGS: Okay, so people have been bugging us about getting songs up. So Nate and Brendan grabbed a little digital recorder, a tamborine, and a few shots of Jameson's and recorded some very very VERY rough versions of a few of the tunes. Yes, we're aware they sound like shit. But hopefully, you will hear through the crappy sound quality to the genius within.

I love the song. This band is a umm..... no no, lets start that again... this band,no... i just can't put it into words; ok, I want to have their sea babies. It is true. I want to meet them in a magical land of fruit treats and milk and have their music impregnate me with sea babies.... What are sea babies you might be asking??? well... go use wikipedia.org

They are good, they are great, They are some members from the ex-band from Boston scamper. I really might go to this show.

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