Golden West Motor Lodge

I want to hate these guys so badly. There is just something, that makes me want to hate this band and set them on fire. However, I don't; I kind of like their music.

The song "prettiest girl in the world" is my favorite song for some reason. I actually have it loaded on my I-pod(and has five stars). I was redoing my bathroom over the weekend, putting in crown molding and painting the walls. That song, for some reason, played two times in a row. I didn't really mind and I didn't skip it(I actually sang along). Maybe it was the 10 beers I had consumed, maybe I have bad taste in music, maybe I was breathing in paint fumes in an uncirculated area for 3 hours.... I like that song.


You can listen to a bunch of their mp3's on their website. I suggest going and downloading a bunch of their music. If you don't like their sound; huff some paint