The Sneaks

The Sneaks -
In an Instant EP

Don't you just love to skip? I do. I like to skip, I like the Brady Bunch, holding hands, unicorns, smiles, bubble gum, rough-mind-altering sex and pretty flowers. All of these things go great with listening to the albumIn An Instant by The Sneaks. All of them go with the music except one, unicorns; fucking stupid unicorns. I bet The Sneaks hate unicorns.

I like the way all the songs roll along. They constantly are pushing forward. Solo's are kept brief, harmonies kept clean, guitar tone kept simple, and the drums are hit correctly. Wait, what... did I just say drums are hit cor.. what do I mean. Is that like telling a band "You look like you are having fun"(I.E. you suck). NO not at all. The drummer does exactly what he should be doing. He is there, serving you the song on a golden platter of beats. ( what the hell am i talking about)

Weezer. I'll say it. They sound like Weezer; and thats a good thing. (I bet Weezer hates unicorns too.)

You can find out for yourself if they are any good live; go to their CD release show.

June, 26 2008 at Church
81 Kilmarnock St, Boston, Massachusetts
Cost : $7




The Sneaks said...

The Sneaks keep a unicorn in our basement. Don't tell anyone.

JPC said...

The drums were hit correctly?!?! Hmmmmm....I guess I have the 102 degree fever that I was running when we recorded to thank for that!! ;)

-Drummer-in-Chief, The Sneaks

Ed said...

yeah JPC; you played the drums perfectly. might I suggest a constant fever for all future performances.

Try a heat lamp or a glass jar filled with molten lava.