Quiet Loudly

Quiet Loudly

The guys in Quiet Loudly must love me. They allowed me, after a little begging, to hear 5 tunes from their upcoming 11-track album. I am told that I am the first person to hear the tunes except for the people in the band. I feel special. Like I'm in the band or something... Do i get any drink tickets?

These tunes have some pretty serious guitar playing going on. One second you have individual notes plucked out in a thin solo. The next second you hear what can only be described as "humped guitar noodle sandwich with onion beef rainbow" I guess that is not the only way the music could be described. Now that I think about it; I doubt anyone would think to describe it like that; but I assure you, the tunes sound exactly like that "humped guitar noodle sandwich with onion beef rainbow". Punk jazz? Acid pop... right, whatever.

There is a cover of "Walk on The Wild Side". I love it. I am a fan of Lou Reed, but it always bothered me that this song by Lou is really a desperation song but to me, Lou sounded sort of happy. Quiet Loudly took the despair inherent in the tune and smashed it in your face. Think of everything that was wrong with the Marky Mark version and reverse it's polarity to goodness. If Quiet Loudly reduced the song length from the 9 minutes it currently occupies to 4 minutes; Not only would they have a radio hit, but they would also destroy what makes their version this song a masterpiece.


See them live at TT The Bear Aug 22 2008

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