The Rationales

The Rationales
The Going and The Gone

When I do reviews, I NEVER talk about the production quality, I never talk about the recording method, and I never talk about mixing. I feel it is unfair to judge local acts on recording gear and say, "hey this doesn't sound pro" Well of course not you fool; the band isn't pro. They most likely recorded their tracks in a bathroom, with a Fisher Price mic, and that mic was plugged into a 1980's cassette deck... one of the really cheap cassette decks, the ones that only had a fast forward and no rewind. So, as a rule, I NEVER talk about recording quality. Well, this review is the exception that proves the rule.

This album was recorded at Q Division and produced by Ed Valauskas. Ed, I have a little note... You ARE a pro, and the recordings are pro; but turn down the lead vocal just a smidgen. That is it. carry on.

Now, I have totally offended The Rationales by insulting their mixing preferences and I doubt they will be inviting me over their house for a game of Monopoly any time soon.... but lets see if I can win them back. Maybe if they keep reading they'll forgive me, they might even like me, and maybe send me some money for this cool pyramid scam... i mean, money investment tool, I found.

The music by The Rationales is great. No no... lets use a better word then great... how about, Honorificabilitudinitatibus. (meaning "the state of being able to achieve honors." See, I can be pretentious and use big words). The arrangement of each song is full. They have a wall of sound aproach without all the doubling and sounds great. (crap, i used the wordgreat again). Lets try this; The meiotic undertones... nah screw it... The album sounds great!

If pop music, the Stones and alt county were to get mixed with the band the Oneders... You might approach the sound of the Rationales... but really just think Wilco. oh, and if you don't know the Oneders(pronounced Wonders); Tom Hanks will come stab you in the ear with an ice skate.

Go check them out live... Make sure to yell Honorificabilitudinitatibus at the stage.


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